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Limescale Removers System 30 Limescale Eliminator

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Title: Limescale Removers System 30 Limescale Eliminator

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About this item

  • WHY BUY OURS?***** The System 30 is a genuine UK product,made in England, which has been manufactured by East Midlands Water Company in Leicester for over 20 years, this is one of our founding products and is still one of our most popular items, as such we have thousands of satisfied customers. The induction energy created by the System 30 means that just one unit is needed to treat a whole house, you do not need separate units for a boiler or along your pipe work just one unit will do the job
  • HOW IT WORKS***** An economical,efficient and easy to fit DIY solution to your limescale problem is an East Midlands Water Company SYSTEM 30 Limescale eliminator made in England.Using low frequency radio waves pioneered by our research and development team,the System 30 generates induction energy which alters the characteristics of the hardness salts.Instead of forming hard limescale the mineral salts stay in solution and existing scale goes into suspension and is gradually removed
  • EASY DIY FITTING***** The System requires no plumbing skills, Simply wrap the coils around your copper or plastic cold water pipe and plug the transformer into a three pin electrical socket. For best results the system should be located close to the rising main to treat as much of your water system as possible. In order to locate the system you may need to attach the transformer to an electrical extension socket
  • BENEFITS***** Water treated by the System 30 contains soft mineral crystals so you can happily drink the water and retain the healthy minerals for your hair, skin, teeth and bones. These soft minerals stay in solution so there are no hard mineral deposits, this will prolong the life of your equipment such as washing machines, dishwashers, showers etc.
  • THE SYSTEM 30***** modulates the induction energy so instead of one continuous output, which can be weakened through your water system, the frequency is created and then increased in three separate modules before being released in pulsating

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