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Water Filters System 40 ( 3 Year Water Filter )

Original price €295,00 - Original price €345,00
Original price
€295,00 - €345,00
Current price €295,00
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RRP €395.00. Our Special Offer Price €295.00 

Three Year Water Filter, 40,000 litre capacity

This is the only truly ECO Under Sink Filter for tap WATER. For many years its been one of the best selling products at the London Ideal Home Show and boasts many thousands of satisfied customers.

Check out the ECO System 40 water filter ECO credentials;

This filter is manufactured, and HAND BUILT with care, here in the UK.

This filter has a much LOWER CARBON FOOTPRINT than many other water filters on the market. No changing your filter every six months and adding to unnecessary plastic consumption.

This filter hasn't travelled thousands of miles across air, sea and land to get to you.

This filter was designed and developed here in the UK over 30 years ago and is specifically for the UK market.

This filter will produce filtered water for THREE YEARS before needing to be replaced (most other water filters need changing every six months)

This filter is widely accepted in most UK recycling facilities.

Not only will this filter allow you to save a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money when compared with the cost of over the counter bottled water in plastic bottles or the cost of filter jugs. It also has exceptional green credentials
This filter will give you the best filter water on tap, at the turn of a tap, at your kitchen sink (or wherever you want to place it). Imagine life with INSTANT filtered water. Instant, fresh, pure filtered water.

No lugging plastic bottles back from the supermarket ‚ which incidentally have already travelled many distances from their bottling plant in plastic bottles, wrapped in plastic on pallets and chalking up many transportation miles and not necessarily limited to the UK.

These bottles are often shipped in from Europe and beyond. Not to mention the number of variations in transportation temperatures from a hot lorry and warehouse to the supermarket shelf; from the back of your car to your storage cupboard; from your storage into a fridge; then out and about with you during the day.
The constantly changing temperatures can release harmful phthalates from the plastic into the water that you drink.

This filter water is always available on demand.

This filter water improves the taste of drinks.

This filtered water creates virtually zero plastic waste when compared to bottled water in plastic
This filter water is far cheaper than bottled or jug filtered water,  many times over
We will give you a filter replacement reminder, so you don't have to remember.
Six monthly standing order payment schemes, so you can spread the cost of payments over the life of your water filter.

 Three Year Water Filter, 40,000 litre capacity

* Simple DIY Installation
* INSTANT filter water at the turn of a tap
* No jugs/storage required. No countertop or fridge space required.
* Pure filter water costing far less than purchased bottled water
* Environmentally sound
* Can be used for many other things in the home, without having to think about additional cost. Drinking water for pets, water for cut flowers and pot plants. Cooking vegetables in filter water improves taste and reduces the vitamins that are lost through the cooking process.
Cost comparisons:
If two adults and two children consume 9 litres of water (just for drinking) per day, this is the equivalent of 3,276 litres of water per year.
Three years of bottled water = £9,828
(The cost of a year of bottled water when bought in 500ml plastic bottles = £3,276.00)
ECO 3 Year Under Sink Water Filter
Three years of EMWC Eco Under Sink Water Filter water is £295 or £1.89 per week Replacement filters for each consecutive three years cost £179 making your next three years of filtered water even more economical at £1.14 per week
A massive personal saving of £9,533 over bottled water in three years PLUS you will have more than enough filtered water to meet all your needs, that of your family, visitors to your home (in excess of 36 litres per day). In addition, you will be making a SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION to the reduction of single use plastic, cutting down on carbon emissions and global warming.

Superior flow rate, easy DIY installation.

The ECO System 40 Water Filter is the only genuine three-year water filter on the market and is made in our factory in Leicestershire UK. Our specialist water engineers have combined the best quality components, a wealth of experience and exclusively developed water technology to create the System 40. This is a filter you can trust to provide the purest of mineral water.

Why is the System 40 the best? Firstly, the essence of water filtration is all about the contact time the water has with the filter media. The System 40 uses a very high-grade silver impregnated coconut carbon powder, which has a massive surface area for water contact.
Water finds the quickest path through any media and with other water filters this means that a channel is created through the carbon. This results in severe loss of filtration as most of the media is not used. The System 40 has a unique cyclone separator with a Vion F 10 micron pre-filter screen which forces the water to circulate through the whole of the media and stops carbon channelling. It allows the water to flow freely through the various levels of filtration, resulting in high quality filtration and maintained consistency throughout the filters lifetime.
The System 40 is a hermetically sealed unit which maintains a constant bacteriostatic barrier that cannot be contaminated by handling or environmental pollutants. This robust filter can withstand up to 10 bar of pressure making it suitable for most situations.

The System 40's unique design enables it to deliver a faster water flow whilst maintaining high filtration standards.
Other filters use the traditional 'saddle clamp' that creates a pinhole in the pipework and 1/4" tubing which equates to a really slow flow. The System 40 uses a large bore multi flow control valve, 3/8" pipework and fittings which can deliver a large flow of water to the filter. This results in a faster flow through the filter tap making it easy and quick to fill kettles and pans.
Six month filters need to be changed six times in three years; a three month filter is changed 12 times; a one month filter will be changed 36 times in the same period of time.
A System 40 is changed just ONCE and is environmentally friendly, being recyclable through normal domestic household recycling systems.

Better for your health

The System 40 is the best filter on the market for removing the impurities from your water. No other filter will leave you with the purest, healthiest mineral water for cooking and drinking. The System 40 will remove/reduce (when present, in the mains water supply) chlorine, chloride, chloramines, taste, odour, trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium, organic chemicals, oestrogen hormones, lead, sediment and Perfluoroboctane Sulphonate (PFOS) antibiotics. The water that is delivered from your System 40 Filter is far superior to that from bottles or jug filters. We can also add an extra ingredient to the filter media to specifically reduce fluoride levels in your water (see options below) should you need it.

Better for the whole house

Once you have fitted your System 40 water filter, you can use the water for cooking and preparing food. Research carried out by the Good Housekeeping Institute found that vegetables retain up to 28% more vitamin C and 50% more B2 when cooked with filtered water. Foods such as fish, rice and pasta show a marked improvement in taste. In addition, use filtered water for cut flowers and houseplants. You may also find that your pets prefer filtered water to tap water - although we cannot guarantee they will stop drinking the dirty water when outside!

Most people do not realise that they are slightly dehydrated; symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and digestion problems can be caused by being constantly slightly dehydrated. This can occur because subconsciously, you know that your water doesn't taste good and as a result, you don't drink enough water throughout the day.

A superior quality filter such as the System 40 delivers a better tasting glass of water which can result in you and your family drinking more water and not relying on the use of sugar laden cordials to mask the taste of the water.  Correct re-hydration is also very good for your skin.

Simple to install.

The System 40 is very simple to fit and no plumbing experience is required. All the connections used on the fittings are push fit connectors; simply push the pipe into the connector and a watertight seal is created. The System 40 sits out of sight under the sink and delivers water to a stunning Italian designed tap. It delivers as much filtered water, as you require, instantly. Gone are the days of filling jugs and having to wait.

Technical Specifications;

High quality silver impregnated activated carbon media sealed ABS plastic cylindrical body.
Push-fit inlet/outlet connectors.
Internal cyclone separator with Vion F 10 micron pre filtration screens.
Advanced multi-stage filtration system.
Maximum working pressure 10bar (140 PSI).
Conforms to BS6920
Designed to be changed every 36 months
Dimensions 360 x 120 mm.
Filter Media -3 years/40,000ltr.
Filter Body - 12 months (Excludes Impact Damage)

Committed to making a difference to the environment, used EMWC filters can be recycled efficiently in normal household waste recycling systems.

By purchasing this product you are reducing the amount of single-use plastic water bottles that are used and discarded daily and make a significant negative impact on our environment.

If you are concerned about fluoride in your water, please see the options to add an additional media to reduce fluoride levels.

Delivery Options:

Standard Delivery by DPD (3-5 working days)

Next Day Delivery by DPD - €15.00

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